Jeff Foley is an engineer by schooling, a marketer by trade, but a musician at Jeff Foley headshot 2015heart.  He has loved music ever since learning to play the piano at age 6.  In 1990, he was first introduced to choral singing in college, and quickly embraced this new, infinitely more portable instrument.

Since graduating, Jeff has sung bass for numerous Boston-area choruses, sometimes for several seasons, sometimes as a “rent-a-bass” when they needed some fill-ins.  These choruses have included the Concord Chorale, the New Bedford Choral Society, the Masterworks Chorale, the Newton Community Chorus, Boston Cecelia, the Newton Choral Society… and many other one-shot ad hoc choruses and gigs along the way.

Jeff currently sings with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus which performs with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops, both in Boston’s Symphony Hall and in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts during the summer Tanglewood Music Festival.

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