Getting closer to MacMemorized…

Whew.  I’ve definitely got movements 1, 2, and 5 down, and I think I have 3 and 6 too.  I’m sure I can learn 8 quickly enough.

Now that we’ve found out that we can use the scores, I’m not worried about 4, which has slow stepwise movement for the basses, and 7, which is really all about the timing not the notes, and 9, which has an almost interminable pedal tone with words coming at varying, hard-to-predict moments.  The score will be REALLY helpful there for all of those, and a load off my mind.  (Though I’d still rather we be memorizing the whole piece… I certainly plan to do so.)

I’m proclaiming myself ready for the not-really-off-book off-book rehearsal tomorrow!

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