There’s an absolutely fabulous “video preview” of the upcoming performance of the Mahler’s 2nd this weekend, including interviews and thoughts from some of my fellow chorus members in the Tanglewood Festival Chorus.  See below:

This video is taken from our performance this summer which got rave reviews.  (Drat… I am, of course, one guy over in the back row from where the video stopped panning.  I need to stand next to the beautiful people so I get some screen time!)

Earlier in this blog I referred to its ending as “the most orgasmic 5 minutes of cchoral music ever” because of how it totally sweeps you up and takes you to another place, whether you’re pouring your soul into it singing, or rapt with attention listening.  I’m bummed that a conflict prevents me from experiencing the piece again with James Levine (finally!) getting a chance to conduct it.  I’m sure he’ll steward yet another transcendental performance, and hopefully I’ll be around the next time it shows up on the program.

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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing it tomorrow night. This has certainly added to my anticipation.

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